Alberta Bike Swap

What is Alberta Bike Swap?  We’re a non-profit that provides a safe place to buy, sell, and donate bicycles. If you have a bike to sell or want to buy a bike we’ll tech check that bike and run the serial number through the only bike swap software in the world (we designed that software, cool eh?).

Alberta Bike Swap

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MacEwan University
NORTH SIDE Underground Parking Lot
10803 105 Ave NW

May 13, 2023

Consign: 0800-1400
Buy: 1430-1600
Donate: 0800-1700

In 2022 we had over 660 bike donations because we work with over 30 groups that recondition bikes for re-use.  Please consider contacting us if you are putting on a community clean-up or have an unused bike hanging in your garage and we’ll make sure that bike is re-cycled (pun intended).

We also support cycling proficiency training in Alberta through Alberta Bike Swap CAN-BIKE courses. CAN-BIKE is the only recognized cycling education program in Canada.  Chris, the taller half of the bike swaps, is the only person in Alberta to have CAN-BIKE Master Instructor status and his courses are informative and educational.

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We added children’s bikes to our swaps last year and we’ll be swapping children’s bikes from now on because it helps families.