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*** Registration Process has changed ***  Please read below for details. 

The Lago Lindo Community League is home to one of the largest community soccer programs in Edmonton, and one of the most successful girl’s community soccer programs in the Province of Alberta. Our U13 - U19 teams compete in tournaments across the province and have participated and medaled in provincials’ numerous times over the years.

There are two soccer seasons – Indoor and Outdoor.

Indoor soccer is played inside indoor soccer center facilities on artificial turf using hockey arena style boards and built in goals.  The season runs from mid-October to mid-February with the possibility to play into March depending on tournaments and post-season play.  Typically, you will play one game a week at a soccer center and will have a practice once every week or second week at a school gym. Game and practice schedules are released shortly before the season starts.

Outdoor soccer is played outside on City of Edmonton fields (weather permitting).  The season runs from the beginning of May until the end of June with the possibility to play into July depending on post-season play.  Typically, you will play two games per week with the possibility of additional practices depending on your coach. U13+ Programs are run city wide not just in the North Zone. Game schedules are released shortly before the season starts.

For additional information please visit:

EMSA North -

EMSA Main. -


Who can play and how much?


Indoor 2019/2020

Age Group

Year of Birth


Tentative Play Dates



Lago Lindo Fees


Volunteer Deposit

*Late Fee




Early Saturday Morning

East Center







2014 & 2013



East Center







2011 & 2012



City Wide







2009 & 2010



City Wide







2007 & 2008


Saturday and/or Sunday

City Wide







2005 & 2006



City Wide







2003 & 2004



City Wide







2001 & 2002



City Wide






*If you miss attending the registration sessions the late fee will apply.


I’m Ready to Register for Soccer

Registration is a two step process

Step 1 – Online Registration

Step 2 – Attend a Registration Session to Complete Registration


Step 1 – Online Registration Details

Our community league is part of Edmonton North Zone Soccer Association (ENZSA).  We use the ENZSA portal to register players in soccer online only.

Follow the following steps to complete the registration process:

  • Login to the soccer portal (You need to create an account if you don't have an account)
  • Complete the registration process using this portal, note - you must have already created an account (one per household).
  • Select the community, Lago Lindo for the registration.
  • Purchase your Community League Membership online (EFCL Portal)
  • If you are requesting a coach or a friend, please ensure the correct spellings/ages.
  • Complete the payment online (you may pay an additional online service fee) or you can pay when you attend a registration session, one for each child.
  • Once completed, you will need to attend one of the registration sessions listed below.


Step 2 – Attend a Registration Sessions

To complete the player registration for soccer, you will need to attend one of the following registration sessions (even if you already paid) and bring the required documents.  Registration is not complete until additional community fees are paid, and a volunteer commitment is chosen.


Indoor 2019/2020



Start Time

End Time


August 12th, 2019

6:30 PM

8:30 PM


August 27th, 2019

6:30 PM

8:30 PM


Documents needed to bring to the registration session

  1. One (1) copy of online registration from the EMSA portal for each player.
  2. Proof of payment if you paid online. 
  3. Proof of age for each player (Birth certificate, passport, Alberta Health card, or other government issued ID).
  4. Proof of community league membership.
  5. Deposit cheque or credit card for volunteer commitment (1 per child).
    a) In the notes section of the cheque make the note of “volunteer deposit” and the player’s name made out to Lago Lindo Community League.
    b) Be aware that volunteer commitments are mandatory part of the sports program. The commitment selection is first come basis.  So, if you leave the registration to a later date, you may have fewer commitments to choose from.  As well, if you have failed to provide a volunteer in the past or missed a commitment, a cash deposit maybe requested.
  6. Method of Payment

What to expect during a Registration session

Upon arriving you will be given a checklist.  The top portion of the checklist is for the individual registering.  To avoid frustration please double check you have all the necessary information (as noted above) or we will be unable to process your registration.  You will need to visit each station.  Remember everyone is a volunteer please be patient!


Station 1 - Registration

As part of the registration, we will be validating child's registration information including verifying the age of your child.

Station 2 – Membership

Proof of membership is required.  Ensure you have a valid Community League Membership effective September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

Station 3 – WEM Passes

We encourage you to purchase tickets ($15 each) to our West Edmonton Mall Family Fun Night Fundraiser.  This fundraiser is used to support your community and its programs.  You can also choose to purchase and sell 14 tickets ($15 each) in lieu of completing one volunteer commitment.  If you have more than child in the program, you can purchase 8 WEM passes in lieu of a second volunteer commitment.

Station 4a – Volunteer Commitment

Select a volunteer commitment.  One (1) per child to a maximum of two (2) per family.  A postdated cheque for the date of the volunteer event is required in the amount of $200 to serve as a deposit until you've completed your commitment.  This is not optional.  If you do not have a cheque, you will be required to leave a cash or credit card deposit.  See additional notes below if you are Coaching

Station 4b – Police Information Check (Only if coaching)

Make sure you have a valid government issued ID in the event you are required to complete a Police Information Check.

Station 5 – Uniform

Please bring your children with you to the payment sessions or know their size to pre-select a jersey size to best ensure the proper size is ordered for your child.  We do not maintain a stock of jerseys that players can chose from so if the wrong size is ordered our options are limited

Station 6 – Validation 

At this station we will confirm payment amounts.

Station 7 - Payment

Finalize your registration by making a payment with Visa, MasterCard, Debit or Cash.  We CANNOT accept payment via cheque or American Express.


Frequently Asked Questions

Now What . . . .

Once you have completed your registration there will be a group of volunteers who build the teams.  Closer to the season start date (approximately 1 or 2 weeks prior to season start) you will be contacted by a coach with additional information about the upcoming season.


I may be interested in Coaching . . .

We always need coaches!  In some instances, we will not be able to accept registrations for certain age categories until we have enough coaches.  Did you know that if you coach or mange a team that counts as 2 volunteer commitments and no additional volunteering is required.  We can hold information sessions for people who are interested in coaching but are not sure what is involved in it.  If this applies to you, please send us an email at and we would be happy to meet with you.  As a coach you will need to register on the ENZSA soccer portal as noted above, please bring a copy of this paperwork to the registration session.  In addition, please be prepared to have a Police Information Check as this is a requirement for coaching.


What about any subsidies available?

There is funding support for low income families through KidSport and Jump Start which both have online applications.  You will need to complete these in advance to registration, links are listed below.  Copies of funding approval will be required during registration.  If funding is pending you will be required to pay the full amount during registration, then we will issue a reimbursement once the amount of funding has been approved.

KidSport- Apply for assistance

Canadian Tire- Apply for assistance


What if I don’t live in Lago Lindo but want to play for Lago Lindo?

If you don't live in Lago Lindo but want to play with us that's no problem.  When registering in the portal please request a transfer to Lago Lindo then you can attend a Lago Lindo community registration session to pay the applicable community fees however we will work with you to follow-up with your home community for your volunteer commitment.  These fees need to be paid prior to being placed on a Lago Lindo team.


What if I live in Lago Lindo but want to play for another community?

First, we are sad to see you go but if you wish to play in a community other than your home community please request that community when you register in the portal then attend their specific community registration session. 


What if I have a Special Requests?

We will no longer be taking requests for players any age group to move up an age group, without a note from your coach that the player should be moved up.  There are too many instances of players requesting to play up an age group only to find themselves outmatched and requesting to move back an age group, only to find that age group full and wanting a refund, which we don't offer.  If this is your first year playing, this means you’ll need to compete in the designated age group for that season, and if you are a returning player, you’ll need to ask your coach to provide the letter before registration.  Please note that while we try to accommodate all requests to move up age groups or play with specific coaches or players, our priority is always to ensure that children from our community are placed on teams first, then to accommodate special requests for returning players, and finally special requests for new players.  As such we can't always guarantee your requests will be honoured.  In the event there are not enough children or coaches to facilitate a team, we work with other communities in the area to ensure everyone has a team to play on. If you are requesting a coach or friend please ensure that you have the correct spelling and age.  Volunteers are responsible for building teams and with hundreds of kids registering simple spelling errors or friend requests playing in an older age can prove difficult for the volunteers


What makes our soccer program so great?

The key to our success is twofold.  There are obviously some amazing athletes on these teams, but hands down, the real key to our success is the amazing parents who are focused on making this program a success for their kids.  Here in Edmonton, no different than most of the other soccer communities around the world, there are two ways to ensure your child gets the best opportunities they can from organized sports.  The first is by investing your money.  Club programs have higher fees because the programs find the best coaches, get the best equipment and facilities, have access to more training time, and specialized technical trainers.  Generally, the more you pay, the more you'll get.  The other side of this equation is an investment of time.  The more time you invest into a program as a volunteer, the more things a program can provide at a lower cost.  In Lago Lindo we've tried our best to balance this equation to create the most economical program we can by leveraging as large a volunteer base as possible.  The larger our volunteer base gets, the better our program gets.

Our parents invest their time into running our facilities, running registrations, building teams, organizing equipment, and ultimately coaching our children.  There are tangible costs to running the program though, and in order to cover those costs we do have slightly higher registration costs than many communities


So where do my soccer registration fees go and why may Lago Lindo be a bit more expensive?

In Lago Lindo, on average about 75% of your soccer registration fee goes directly to the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA).  As an example, on a $295 U11 fee that equates to $225.  The additional $70 dollars is spent on the following:



In Lago Lindo we provide all our players a new uniform each season.  If you registered directly with Lago Lindo, you actually select your uniform size directly at registration. If you registered late or transferred from another community, we try our best to ensure there's sufficient extra sizes, so everyone has a jersey that fits appropriately. In our younger age groups (U5, U7 and U9, a uniform consists of socks, shorts and jersey, and in our U11 and above age groups, we provide the socks, shorts and both home and away jerseys to ensure the players never have conflicting colors with another team).  Other communities have different ways of doing jerseys, some collect jersey deposits from parents to ensure they're returned at the end of the season, others get parents to purchase a jersey as required.  We've tried the former of those two methods and it resulted in large upfront costs for the initial jersey order, and that a large amount of time spent collecting, sorting, cleaning, and replacing jerseys every season.  Over time we found we couldn’t replace with the same color, or some jerseys faded over time and the new ones looked out of place.  We wanted to create a brand around our players so that both other teams knew who the Lindo teams were, but also to create a sense of pride for our own players before they ever even played a game.



Every player in the Lago Lindo soccer program will receive both a team photo and individual player photo each season, assuming they show up for the photo session.  Parents are welcome to purchase additional photos and/or merchandise with their child's photo on it for an additional fee



Our youngest players in the U5 – U7 age group all receive trophies as keepsakes from their time in our soccer program.  The older age groups may receive medals based on their placement at the end of the season



This is an area Lago Lindo has invested considerable funds since 2013. As one of the larger soccer programs in Edmonton with over 35 teams in the outdoor season, replacing all of our equipment was no small task.  We're now evaluating the state of that equipment each season replacing damaged or worn out items to ensure every player has the tools they need to succeed.  This also relates back to our commitment around our community brand, and ensuring players are proud to play here


Coaches Courses

This is another one of the key commitments by our community to our parents who volunteer to coach. Edmonton Minor Soccer requires that all coaches complete a coaching course within the first year of volunteering to coach.  In Lago Lindo, we take this a step further and ensure the funds are in place for coaches to update that training each season.  Our budgeting process ensures there's funding for 1 coach from every team to take a course each season.


First Aid Supplies

No different than most sports out there, we know our kids are going to fall down and hurt themselves. We make sure our coaches are loaded up each season with a plethora of Band-Aids, and ice packs.


Tournament Costs

There are a lot of tournaments each season for all age groups.  Currently Lago Lindo does not provide funding for tournaments.  Funding is provided however for teams who are travelling out of the Edmonton area for Inter-Cities and Provincials


Additional Training Time

This is one of those areas where we've tried balancing that equation of time investment and money investment.  We know that part of the reason club teams are so successful is because they provide their teams additional training time.  In the indoor season we provide funds for the coaches to book a handful of additional practices.  Some coaches use these at the start of the season to get a few more practices in before the season starts; others use the funding throughout to fill in the availability gaps at the school they selected.  In addition to extra facility time, we also run some additional clinics for the players before each season starts, including goalie clinics and offside training, and we're always looking for new opportunities to add to our program.


What is Lago Lindo's refund policy?

Lago Lindo has a No Refunds Policy.  We implemented this several years ago now, and it was implemented because the bulk of the registration costs are incurred almost immediately following registration.  The 75% we discussed above is the first of our expenses, and this is quickly followed by our uniform expenses.  These are all costs we can't get back from the organizations we submit payment too, so that money is gone as soon as we place the order and register your child.  Pictures, trophies and equipment are all ordered shortly thereafter and once ordered, those funds are then gone as well.

Lastly, and arguably the most important reason why we don't issue refunds is that when you register your child in our program, you've taken one of a very limited number of spots.  After our registration is complete, we get numerous requests from other communities looking for room to place kids that don't have a team to play on, and once our program is full, those kids are sent to other communities to play on.  If we processed a refund, it's often too late to replace that player, and it requires our volunteers to not only spend time processing the refund, but also going out and doing a one-off registration to refill that spot.  Because of these reasons, as a community league, we've all agreed that it's not in our communities’ best interest to process refunds, and we ask that parents ensure they're committed to playing before registering in our program.  We understand this isn't always possible, and to that end, we want to ensure parents are aware that if they find out their child doesn't like it, gets hurt and can't play, they end up moving mid-season, or they find another sport they'd prefer to play, they're aware there won't be a refund.

The only exception to the refund policy and that is for players who register for community soccer and try out and are accepted into a premier soccer program.  Because our goal is ensuring every child has the opportunity to play at the appropriate level, if a player tries out and is accepted into a premier soccer program before the start of the community soccer season, we will refund those players their registration fee.  Community League memberships are Non-Refundable in all cases.  To be eligible for a refund after being accepted into the premier program, players/parents must produce a letter of acceptance from the club director.



For all questions, concerns or suggestions for improvement please contact the volunteer Lago Lindo Community Soccer Director (CLICK HERE)

Keep up to date with us by visiting the Lago Lindo Community Facebook page HERE