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Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the new website

Welcome to Lago Lindo's new website.  Replacing the website was a project a long time coming.  We've known for years that we've wanted to replace the website because in today's world, almost everyone is consuming the web from smart phones and tablets, and our old site just didn't play well with these new devices.  On top of that, it was hard to update efficiently while maintaining consistency between all the different pages, and we didn't really have a good way to communicate out to members.  There was the monthly newsletter, but that wasn't really the correct medium for pushing out information like this, where a blog makes more sense.  What our old site may have lacked in functionality though, it more than made up for with content, with years of valuable content hidden within it, and if you've ever looked through the google results, there's information going back years.  This collectively made it extremely difficult for our volunteers to move the content over to the new site quickly and efficiently because there was a lot of different containers that we needed to design to hold the content.  

But our desire to replace the website outweighed our desire to keep the old content, so we decided to just pull the plug, and start over.  Over the coming weeks/months, you're going to see us move or delete all of that old content, but in the interim, our old website is still available HERE.  

Here's a list of some things you'll see coming to our website over the coming months:

  • Blog
  • Contact Us Form
  • Online Hall Rental Form
  • Information about all of our programs (Pre-School, Scouts, Zoomba, Yoga, etc...)
  • Promoted/Sponsored Businesses & services in our community
  • Photo Gallery
  • Information about current & past board members.

We really hope you like what you see, and if you've got any suggestions for something you'd like to see added to our website, or an event that's taking place you'd like us to promote, please email us at

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