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New Building and Grounds Director Needed

New Building and Grounds Director Needed

I've mentioned before that our organization is nothing without its volunteers. Every once in a while, we lose one of those volunteers because sometimes volunteers just need a break like we've recently seen with our baseball director, but in other situations, our volunteers move on to new roles. After serving over 10 with Lago Lindo across a number of different positions, Roxanne Clarke has decided to step down as our Building and Grounds Director, and focus her attention at her other role as the Director of Fundraising as well as some other areas that she thinks she can bring additional value in.

With having had Roxanne in the position of Building and Grounds for so many years, the community has really come to take for granted so many of the things she handles for us, and while we're delighted she's not leaving and looking direct her focus in one direction, we really need to find a volunteer to assume her old responsibilities which include:

  1. Having responsibility for all buildings, works, improvements, tools, and equipment of the Community League
  2. Have control, and keep a record of all keys to the Community League’s buildings and grounds.
  3. Be responsible for the community ice rink/arena operations, including staffing, scheduling, and maintenance
  4. Overseeing a Facilities Coordinator who:
    1. Is responsible booking of, cleaning, and access to the Community League facilities located at 17125 and 17221 on 95 Street; and specifically
    2. Administers contract bookings, including fee collection and post event building inspections
  5. Attending community league meetings to report the status of the above items, as well as to vote on important subjects pertaining to the development of the community

The best part of this position is that Roxanne is still an active member with our Community League and the successful candidate will have the opportunity to transition and learn from Roxanne as they go.

If this is something you might be interested in and would like to learn more about this opportunity, I would strongly encourage you to reach out to us at

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