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Late Soccer Registration

Late Soccer Registration

We were hoping to run our final late registration at Lago Lindo Hall, but we've just heard that due to some delays with hooking up power to the new building and occupancy permit issues, we're going to have to run our final registration from Londonderry Community Hall again.  We're going to be running the late registration on Monday September 12, 2016, from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM.  Please review the registration tab on the soccer page to make sure you have everything you need before you come as this will be our 4th, and FINAL, soccer registration.  Make sure you mark this down on your calendars as we will not be conducting ad-hoc registrations with families as we've done in the past as it's just to much work, so if you need to ask someone else to go in your place, please do so.

We also wanted to let everyone know what our availability looks like given we've already run 3 registrations.  We've currently got 18 teams in place with availability in the following age groups:


Age Group Number Teams Available Spots
U6 - Mixed 1 0
U8 - Boys 1 5
U8 - Mixed 1 6
U10 - Boys 2 7
U10 - Girls 1 9
U12 - Boys 2 2
U12 - Girls 2 7
U14 - Boys 2 15
U14 - Girls 3 14
U16 - Boys 0 0
U16 - Girls 2 10
U18 - Boys 0 0
U18 - Girls 1 6


If you're wondering if you can still register if there's no availability, the answer is yes.  We'll work with the communities closest to us to find you a team with a coach.  

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