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Lago Lindo Welcomes New Board Members

Lago Lindo Welcomes New Board Members

At this past week's Semi-Annual General Meeting, Lago Lindo welcomed a number of new individuals onto its Board of Directors.  For those not in attendance, a number of amendments to our bylaws were passed, which included the merging of several positions responsibilities which resulted in the removal of a number of positions,  as well as the addition of several new positions.  

While we still have a few vacant positions the addition of these new members will continue to strengthen our community leagues ability to deliver amazing programs over the coming years.  If you know any of the below individuals, I strongly encourage you to take a minute to thank them for stepping up, and if you are interested in any of the still vacant positions, please reach out to me at

New Directors

Michelle Cotesta - Soccer Director

Janelle Smaill - Sports Explorerz (New Position)

Roxanne Clarke - Preschool Director (New Position)

Sue King - Director at Large (New Position)

Erin Buchanan - Director at Large (New Position)

Nicola Pagliaroli - Director at Large (New Position)

Hafiza Elhalabi - Director at Large (New Position)


Vacant Positions

Buildings and Grounds Director

  • This position is responsible for the operations of the hall including:
    • Managing who has access to the hall
    • Scheduling maintenance for our assets
    • Overseeing a facility coordinator who's responsible for cleaning and renting of the hall
    • Overseeing the ice operations

Baseball & Softball Director

  • This position is responsible for the planning and execution of community baseball and softball teams.


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