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Lago Lindo Community Working Together

Lago Lindo Community Working Together

*** Important ***

Please READ, SHARE & BEWARE.  Please watch out for your fellow neighbors!

" Friends of the Klarvatten, Lago Lindo, Crystalina, and surrounding areas. Please be on the look out in your neighbour hoods a little more closely than you have been, as there have been a number of thieves out there lurking at your property and whatever else etc. It's unfortunate that we were one of them who was affected by this on the early morning of Tuesday May 16th at 2:30 a.m. With quick acting on our parts, and the help of the police the chase came to an end. Spoke to some of our neighbours in our area to spread the word, and who are now on high alert. We also let friends in the surrounding area know as well as this is probally those in the area. We are a tight community and we DON'T put up with this! Please keep your lights on, your sightings of things that don't seem right, cameras on, and Alert everyone. DON'T hesitant in making that call to 911. We weren't and one of the dirt bags got their turn. It's AMAZING how quickly the EPS were on the scene and very helpful to us! It was confirmed that EPS has been dealing with a number of thefts in our areas. Amen to you guys for doing what you do!"

Thank you neighbor for being willing to share your experience and keep us informed!