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Keep Krystynas Family In Your Heart Tonight

Keep Krystynas Family In Your Heart Tonight

On behalf of the Lago Lindo Community League, it's members, and all of the residents of the communities that make up Lago Lindo, we want to share our most sincere condolences to the family of Krystyna Maksymova, and also to those individuals who tried so hard to save her.  There is no greater loss in this world than to lose a child.  

Our community has experienced a number of tragic losses over the past several years, but through each of those losses what has defined us as a community league was our resolve and determination to help those impacted by these events.   To that end, we'd like to share out a link to the Go Fund Me page that was setup to her help her family through this difficult time, and encourage everyone to help in any way you can.  If there is anyone interested in helping the family in alternative ways, please reach out to us at


Rest In Peace Krystyna



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