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32nd Semi-Annual General Meeting

32nd Semi-Annual General Meeting

Lago Lindo has always been a great community to live in. Over the past 32 years that the Community League has been in operation, we've seen the construction of two playgrounds, a hall, basketball courts, and an ice rink.  2016 is going to be remembered as a remarkable year here in Lago Lindo. It marked the culmination of years of fundraising, designing, more fundraising, a premature construction start, the setting up a fence around the school and the hall for the children's safety, more design changes, realigning budgets, fighting for permits, hiring a project manager to help us, and the appointment of a board member with construction experience which finally brought us to where we saw construction actually start in June and to where we are today. A lot of people had a hand in making this these things happen over the years, hundreds of hours were invested, a lot of arguments were had behind the scenes, and a large portion of our Community Leagues Board of Directors have changed over during this time.  But finally after all of these years of work by so many, we can add to that list of amazing things we've done here in Lago Lindo, the construction of a new 6000 square foot expansion to our existing facility that will soon be available for our members.

Having only been on the Lago Lindo Board for the past 3 years, I can't tell you exactly who's idea this project was.  I remember first hearing about this years ago as a coach here in Lago Lindo but in a different form as a rink viewing area for parents to watch their kids skate. Years later it became a question of do we expand the existing hall or do we build a new one over on the Klarvatten side of Lago Lindo and run two facilities. Members at that time decided as a community to expand the existing facility. As the idea was accepted, and money was raised, the ideas of what this would look like changed, and so did the needs of the community. When I joined the board in 2013, I recall the conversation being about having a facility that was self-sufficient. We wanted a space that was large enough to draw in enough revenue through rentals to sustain the halls day to day operating expenses so if at some point in the future our volunteer base shrunk, we weren't in a position where not being able to staff a bingo or casino meant having to close the doors to hall, a position we're in today, but fortunate that we have a strong volunteer base that offsets this risk. At the time I joined 3 years ago, the drawings and design were largely all in place, most of the money was there too, but we didn't really have a plan for how to finish it because despite what we'd tried in the past, we knew we shouldn't start a project until you have all of the money in place.

Over the next couple years here in Lago Lindo, we're hoping to accomplish some more amazing things. I've got a list of ideas myself already including:

  • Completing the landscaping around the hall as well as fixing some of the grade issues with the existing sidewalks
  • Finding a facility manager to run the rink and concession in the winter
  • Setup a key-less entry system to give renters easier access to our space.
  • Setting up WiFi at the hall
  • Implementation of a solar panel array on the roof to reduce our operating costs
  • Setup of flashing speed display signs to deter motorists from speeding along the main stretches of our neighborhood
  • Getting playgrounds built in Schonsee and Crystallina Nera (1 of which is actually almost done thanks to more amazing volunteers)
  • Improving of parking both at the Community Hall but also at Klarvatten Park where soccer creates a parking nightmare
  • Completing the remaining unfunded phases of the hall expansion, including a social center for teens and seniors, as well as the implementation of a commercial kitchen for renters of the new space
  • Find ways to lower the cost of our sports & social programs for the members of our community

That's just my list of ideas though and I know that when I canvas my fellow board members, they each have suggestions to add to this list, and I know if we canvased the greater membership, there would be even more.  So that's just what we intend to do.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, at 6:30 PM, the Lago Lindo Community League would like you to join us for the 32nd Semi-Annual General Meeting which will take place at Lago Lindo Community Hall.  The agenda for this meeting will include:

  • Reviewing and updating the existing bylaws including
    • The proposed removal and addition of a number board positions
    • Changing how we communicate with members to take into account new laws with regards to email distribution
  • Soliciting suggestions from our members what they'd like us to look into next
    • These suggestions will be reviewed and put forward in a plan at next spring's Annual General Meeting to be voted on
  • Nominations and voting in of new board members into vacant positions which include:
    • Vice President (Nomination Put Forward)
    • Secretary (Nomination Put Forward)
    • Baseball & Softball Director (Vacant)
    • Buildings & Grounds Director (Vacant)
    • Soccer Director (Nomination Put Forward)
    • Preschool Director (Proposed Position with Nomination Put Forward)
    • Ice Operations (Proposed Position - No Nominations)

This is an important meeting, with so many positions needing to be filled, and with so many amendments proposed to the bylaws, it's important that you attend.  I hope to see you there.

Chris Buchanan
Lago Lindo Community League President


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